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My name is Yanitza Cendón, I am 28 years old, I am from Cuba.

I have been living for work permits in Cayman Islands for a year. I began to study 3 month ago in Alpha Academy an English Course. Really, I am very happy and grateful, due to my English has improved rapidly, I have received excellent classes focused on my needs. In my opinion Alpha Academy is one of the best Academy, it is doing a magnificent job, since, before I have received other courses and they apply a very good methodology, easy to understand and always attending to the needs of each student.

Before Alpha academy my sons would get an F on their report for math now they are getting A’s and B’s thanks to Alpha Academy.

Yanitza Cendón

Going to alpha Academy has helped me to succeed in my school work.When I started college in 2018 ,i started going to Alpha and i'll tell you it was a blessing .University courses aren't easy as you may think it is . sometimes you may get a pile of homework that you aren't able to complete because the teacher moved too fast. And for me, that was one of  the reasons why I started going to alpha, for extra help. The tutors are very patient and will push your work level by not only helping you with homework assignments but as well as give you lots of practice assignments while being by your side at all times. Another reason why I started going to Alpha is to get help for my CXC exams.

CXC exams can be challenging, especially if you want to pass with level 1 . But i can tell you attend alpha academy and you can see the improvement in your school work.The course i have gotten help are CXC math and English , College algebra , Spanish 1 & 2 , Biology, Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.And since the pandemic, they did an excellent job of making a trans into online learning because of all the hard work and dedication the tutors have pushed me ,i was able to be on the dean's list at the university of cayman islands.So l recommend anyone,no matter if you're attending primary or secondary school. If you find that you need help in any subject, go to Alpha Academy, it is located in Paddington plaza above the party source , and get yourself the proper help that you need to succeed.

Janisha Byrd

Basically I am a new student at the Alpha academy , My first day l felt afraid and then after l felt so good for the effort l applied on .The learning that l acquire made it so good because l know that l have to work so hard to achieve my goals and the teachers help towards my education is amazing.

Tocia Roberts

Alpha had been great for me, I used to attend another school but the attention to students was not good and I could not get good grades. At Alpha Academy l can focus and get the grades I have always wanted; the teachers are very kind and smart. I have been getting help in math from Miss. Devi and Mr. Yosh who are very smart and help in Spanish and French from Mr. Martel who is excellent. Overall, my experience at Alpha has been amazing and Im thankful to be going there.

Brandon, Year 9

I have been in the English course for about four months at the Alpha Academy. I have improved a lot since I joined them. I strongly believe that to get involved with Alpha was the best decision I have ever taken.

Daylin Leon

My name is Jennifer, I have been in the English course for about four months. It has been awesome, I am learning many things. The teachers are very professional, and they help me to not be shy with the language. Furthermore, every day as homework l receive new words to widen my knowledge. That is why, I can speak more fluently now than before. The most important thing is that I understand the teacher well.

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